Maryland police officer indicted over abandoning injured elderly man (includes video story)

A police officer from Prince George’s County in Maryland was indicted Thursday afternoon for leaving an injured elderly man behind back in March.

Cpl. Dexter Shin hit and injured the 81-year-old man while driving his police car at 5 a.m. Shin then drove the man to the back of Laurel Regional Hospital and left him stranded, forcing the man to crawl to the hospital’s emergency room.

People are criticizing the officer for his actions, citing how he handled the situation without calling for help or getting medics.

“The officer disobeyed the rules of the Prince George’s County Police Department and didn’t help the person who needed it,” says Aisha Braveboy, the state attorney for Prince George’s County. “We now know the person got a broken leg because of what happened.”

This is the third time in May that charges have been made against an officer from Prince George’s County. The indictment comes several days after the county’s sheriff was sentenced to prison for reportedly assaulting his wife.

Jennifer Barban is a junior Digital Multimedia student at Florida International University. She was born and raised in Miami, FL. Jennifer is currently 21 years old. She obtained her Associates in Business Administration at Miami Dade College before transferring to FIU. She enjoys photography and videography in her free time and hopes to pursue a job in movie making.