Medical tourism: Seeking treatment outside the U.S. (includes documentary)

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More and more people are seeking medical care outside the United States due to the increasing costs of health services. Both citizens with insurance and those without have acknowledged this reality, opting to explore more affordable options. Some of the busiest countries are Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Colombia and Brazil, among others. All of these offer different services that fit what the patient is looking for.

“They have to provide that co-pay, but a lot of the time they don’t have that money,” said Karla Moreno, a social worker. “A lot of jobs don’t offer health insurance, and the ones that do offer health insurance are not enough.”

The documentary looks at the lives of three people who had different reasons to travel outside the United States to receive medical treatment. Each person shared their experience and comments.

Likewise, the video features different professionals who share their experiences and knowledge about this movement. Some of the professionals are foreigners who provide a different point of view on medical tourism.

Illary Centeno is a Peruvian student majoring in Digital and Interactive Media, with a minor in Marketing. She has an interest in social media management and advertising. Therefore, she would like to work in these areas to demonstrate her creative abilities. Also, Centeno would be delighted to work in an entertainment company.

Lina Lozano, a Colombian residing in Miami since 2016, navigates life with a strong connection to her Spanish roots. Transitioning from being a model, she’s carving her path in the artistic realm. Alongside her creative pursuits, Lina is dedicated to her academic journey, currently working towards a bachelor’s degree in Television and Production. Balancing the creative and analytical, she finds fulfillment as a banking agent at Santander Bank, seamlessly merging the best of both worlds in her daily endeavors.

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