Miami Beach Pride concludes with parade (includes video story)

The Miami Beach Pride Festival ended its multi-event week with a big parade early Sunday, September 19th. It brought out hundreds of people to watch performers, dancers, and DJs perform and wave at the crowd. Some were dressed in elaborate costumes and dresses, while others were barely dressed at all. 

Last week, events that led up to the parade included the pride flag-raising ceremony and a queer art showcase on Miami Beach. According to the festival website,, the organization brings together the LGBTQ+ community’s unique spirit and culture. 

“I’m actually in the parade with our bar, Nathan’s Bar,” said Nicolas Zanca, a performer who was quick to jump on camera. “We have a visual DJ and we’re … having a good time.”

The pride festival began in 2008 by former Miami Beach Mayor Matti Bower. Ever since, Pride has become a strong and important part of the Miami Beach community. Although the festival is now over, people interested in getting involved can donate or volunteer for future events.

Andre Wixon is Boston-born and a proud New Englander who found his way to FIU to major in broadcast journalism and study political science. He reports the latest news stories for the Caplin News news show, Newsbreak.