Food insecurity in Miami is growing and dangerous (includes documentary)

Food insecurity has been a problem in South Florida for many years, even before the pandemic. Covid-19 made the problem even worse. The food bank Feeding South Florida estimates there are more than 705,000 people experiencing food insecurity in our region. That would look like filling up Hard Rock Stadium ten times over.

This mini-documentary dives into how food insecurity has affected the Miami area. It describes how the Florida International University Food Pantry benefits students and how the organization started. At FIU, many students rely on meal plans and local fast foods or go without eating because they don’t have enough funds for a proper nutritious meal. 

Outside our campus, we met with the organizers of Hope for the Homeless, a nonprofit organization that was founded in 2010, bringing clothes, food, and basic necessities to the homeless in Downtown Miami.

Julio Rodriguez is a Cuban American FIU Student. He is pursuing a bachelor's in Digital TV and Multimedia Production, along with a film certificate. He hopes to work in film and tv production as a writer or director.

Paola Cammarota is a Venezuelan student and Senior at Florida International University, majoring in Interactive Communication and Media. She is also working on a minor in Social Media and E-Marketing Analytics. She dreams of continuing her career as a sports journalist or social media manager.

Nicole Sellas is an American-Peruvian student. She is a senior pursuing a bachelor’s in digital interactive media with a minor in Social Media and E-Marketing. She plans to continue working for American Airlines in her field as a Social Media Manager.