Miami Football Club suffers without fans (includes video story)

While many sports have been drastically affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, soccer has been among the most impacted. Without fans in the stands chanting, clubs, players and fans have taken to a variety of approaches to coping.

The Riccardo Silva Stadium is home to the FIU football team and to the Miami Football Club, a professional soccer organization that plays in the United Soccer League Championship, the second tier of U.S. soccer. Players have been trying to find new ways to stay focused, healthy and motivated during these times of hardship. 

One player who has described his struggle is Sebastian Velazquez, number 10 for the Miami Football Club. He thinks it has been hard to stay motivated and that the sport without fans seems kind of meaningless. 

The Miami Football Club and the Club Internacional de Futbol Miami face some financial difficulties due to the pandemic. The lack of fans has cut sales of tickets, merchandise and team gear. This has forced a reduction of team budgets and salaries. But as the coronavirus continues to affect our lifestyles, new ways to enjoy soccer will become available.

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