Miami has fewer fires. These maps tell the story. (includes multimedia content)

Miami is well-known for its beautiful weather and beaches. Many people come here for vacation and unwind from cold weather. However, since the temperature is increasing and hurricanes have become more common, millions of trees have fallen, And this might increase the chances of wildfires.

The question is, what is the main cause of fires in Miami and how many have there been? Is there a fire station close by to where the fires most commonly occur? Are there more house units where the fires occur? The main concern is if the public should be wary in certain places of the fire hazard that is represented in most current datasets.

Is there a connection with the fire stations, amount of house units and fires in Miami? Since the most common reason for fires in Miami is due to cooking, we expect there to be more fires where there are more housing units. If there are fire stations close by they can prevent the fires from spreading and become disastrous, if they reach the fire early the casualties can rapidly decrease which is why it is crucial to have one close by whenever a fire occurs.

Miami is the most populous city in Miami-Dade County, with a population of 442,241 as of the 2020 census. This is also the city with the most fire stations. It has 37 active fire stations and. there have been 47 fire reports. This is very low compared to other places in the U.S. because of the many fire stations, well trained firefighters, hot weather and proper safety measures.

One can also conclude that where there is a higher concentration of housing in Miami, there is a much higher probability of fire occurrences and reports overall.

Meanwhile, other cities such as Sweetwater and Hialeah Gardens include less fire station access. Each has only one station.

It can be expected in the next year that fire reports will remain very low unless one of these something changes drastically.

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