Miami Lakes restaurant serves a taste of Spain (includes video)

In Miami Lakes, family business El Pimiento, located at 16403 NW 67th Ave. in Miami Lakes, provides locals with authentic Spanish food. The restaurant has been around for 16 years, keeping the Spanish tradition and culture alive. It brings together many customers from Latin America, Central America, and the Caribbean.

The restaurant has a chef from Cuba and Burgo, Spain, who creates delicious Spanish dishes. El Pimiento, owned by Veruska Chalbaud, began operating in its present space four years ago, building on the family’s love for Spanish culture.

During the pandemic, the restaurant managed their business through online delivery services like Uber Eats (and curbside) and had great support from Miami Lake locals who loved the food. 

“We never quit,” said Cavallini. “The pandemic made the restaurant stronger. Also, Latin people’ fight’ all day in their countries to go straight. That helped us be more accurate and incisive in making decisions in a very weak moment of the economy. The community supports us. The City of Miami Lakes supports us.”

The restaurant also offers live music for its guests, creating a fun and cozy environment.

Correction: An earlier version incorrectly spelled Burgo. 

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