Building Bridges: Chema Sanchez and the Miami Marlins’ Cultural Impact (includes video story)

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At LoanDepot Park, the Miami Marlins are doing more than just playing baseball; they are building bridges across cultures and communities. Leading this initiative is Chema Sanchez, whose dedication to cultural programs is transforming the team’s connection with its diverse fan base. 

Since joining the Fish in 2015 after a professional baseball career in Japan, Sanchez has quickly climbed the Marlins ranks. He used his bilingual skills and understanding of the area’s unique cultural landscape to connect with fans on a deeper level. “Knowing that we are in Miami, and such a melting pot … it was very important for us to connect,” Sanchez explained.

One of the standout programs under Sanchez’s leadership is Heritage Nights, which celebrate different cultures with themed events, including food, music, and performances. They have become a tradition. Venezuelan Heritage Night is the biggest of the year. 

“We are working hard here to make sure the fans haves the experience that they deserve,” said Sanchez. His efforts ensure that, regardless of the game’s outcome, the Marlins remain an integral part of the community, fostering real connections and celebrating diversity.

Benjamin Cure is a Cuban-American sportscaster currently serving as a broadcaster for ESPN+. In July 2020, the Miami native became the youngest Major League Soccer (MLS) reporter ever, as Digital Host for Inter Miami CF. In March 2022, Cure Founded his signature program, "The Benjamin Cure Show." Every Monday, Benjamin shares his takes on the biggest stories in sports.