Miami music video industry perseveres during the pandemic (includes video story)

Miraculously, the Miami music video industry is still thriving.

Although the pandemic has been difficult for everyone, the Miami music video industry has found a way to continue producing. It has taken strict measures to ensure health. Being stuck at home has not been an excuse to be stagnant. Rather, it has helped videographers and directors like Daniel Shaw, to become more resourceful in applying creativity to get the job done.

Daniel Shaw is a Miami videographer and has produced a lot of content. To Daniel, adjusting to this new normal has been quite a challenge. But he did not let this situation get the best of him. In fact, when the pandemic started, he found ways to improve his business.

The modeling industry has also adapted to the changes since the models are the ones who are in front of the cameras. Castings usually take place at the location, but since the pandemic, the models have also had to consider social distancing, instead of the usual social mingling.

Models like Gabriella Bongiovanni say that set life has been completely different. Castings are now done on Zoom. Models require makeup and personal touch-ups, so it’s been quite risky to be closely exposed to others. But just like the members of the Miami music video industry, they are taking strict measures to ensure everyone is safe.


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