Miami Springs’ Curtiss Mansion is among Dade’s most important historical spots (video story included)

Nestled among the small houses and palm trees of Miami Springs is the historic Curtiss Mansion. Built in 1925, it was once the home of aviator, inventor and land developer Glenn Curtiss, a contemporary of the Wright brothers and Alexander Graham Bell.

According to the mansion’s website, Curtiss’ accomplishments ranged from being the world’s largest manufacturer of aircraft during World War I to being nicknamed “the fastest man in the world” by setting a speed record on his V-8 powered motorcycle. The mansion’s executive director, Melinda Jester, said “this is a man who only had an eighth grade education, had over 500 inventions and 400 patents in his lifetime, and died in his early fifties. And, when you think about that, that’s remarkable for anyone, of course.”

However, not many recognize Curtiss’ name. Jester hopes to change that. She has been hosting events and holding tours at the mansion to educate people, particularly the young, on Curtiss’ legacy and contribution to history.

The mansion, at 500 Deer Run next to the Miami Springs Golf and Country Club, has been in Miami Springs for almost 95 years. Jester hopes that it will inspire and educate many for years to come.

Colin Miller is a broadcast media major at FIU. He is currently the host of The FIU Music Hour on WDNA-FM. He plans to further his career in radio broadcasting.