Micro salons are the future of beauty (includes video story)

Micro salons have become a new way for aspiring entrepreneurs to open small businesses without having to take a big risk. They can balance their passions and personal lives.
There are many such operations throughout South Florida. Some are confident in their long-term viability, while others, such as Mia Salon Suites, which has locations in Miami and Broward, are based on month-to-month rent.
Mia Salon Suites tenant Estéfany Fernandez said: “My opinion about the micro salon is that it is a very good idea for the persons that want to begin their own salon and their own business, so the best in this part is about the hours. You can schedule the time… That’s very good.”
In uncertain times like the present, trying to open your own beauty business in a place without an annual contract as Mia Salon Suites seems like a great idea because professionals can experience what is to be their own bosses.

Nayari Ng is a student at Florida International University majoring in Broadcast Journalism. She is Chinese born and raised in Venezuela. Her goal is to become a TV host or reporter. Nayari is passionate about modeling, studying, working out, while running her own beauty business at the same time. She has also modeled for music videos, commercials and campaigns for different production companies; including Telemundo.