More people are buying Christmas trees amid pandemic than in previous years

As COVID-19 has placed many restrictions on activities this year, most people are spending the holidays differently. Perhaps this explains why more people are turning to Christmas trees to get into the holiday spirit.

While many businesses have been affected negatively by COVID-19, Christmas tree sales have actually seen an increase this year. CNBC reported that tree sales have been up 29% in the U.S. since the start of December.

Will Jackson, an employee for Bella Christmas Trees, said this year has been the best in terms of sales.

“We had a lot of people on Thanksgiving, a lot of people on the Friday after Thanksgiving. We’ve definitely seen a big bump in tree sales.”

While the cause for the bump is not certain, many buyers are looking to bring some spirit into their homes after such a stressful and devastating year.

Alexis Sanford said she’s buying one this year because “the tree at least helps you have a little bit of celebration.”

Juliana Hontou was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. She is currently a FIU student living in Miami. She has a deep fondness for sports ever since she can remember and hopes one day to pursue a career broadcasting and reporting sports.