Dania Beach hosts NFT photography gathering (includes video story)

Obscura “The World Today” set the digital stage at Dania Beach’s MAD Arts Gallery, where a large exhibit celebrated the creative talent and that has helped contribute to the technological, visual art space. 

“When I heard of the project I fell in love with the idea that there were going to be 138 artists that were gonna offer images of the world around them in their region of the world,” said Maritza Molina, multimedia artist and curator of the exhibition, “I wanted to try to bring the show from the blockchain to the physical gallery.” 

On opening day, a live Zoom panel hosted many emerging and world-renowned international artists including Emmy-award and Pulitzer-Prize winners, whose photographic works embodied their personal hardships from March to April this year. Their digital artwork also contributed to an ode to Edward Steichen’s 1995 exhibit: “The Family of Man.”

QR codes are attached to images throughout the exhibit for guests with a crypto wallets to become “crypto art collectors.” Visitors also have the opportunity to interact with the “Talking Space,” an area in the gallery with pre-recorded Q&A interviews that showcases many artists’ creative processes.

This photography exhibit is free to the public and open until Nov. 19.

Alexandra Howard is a senior pursuing a dual degree in digital journalism and political science. She intends to later graduate from law school and become an immigration lawyer and political journalist.

Aquiles Barreto is a Junior Majoring in Public Relations, Advertising and Applied Communications, with a concentration in broadcasting. He has a passion for all types of visual media, whether it be film, television, or news. In the future he hopes to be a video editor for major productions.