NHL fans gather in South Florida’s FLA Live Arena for All-Star games (includes video story)

After two decades and a COVID delay, people from all over the world gathered at the FLA Live Arena to watch the NHL All-Star games.

Once a year, 44 all-stars, one representative from each team and 12 who were voted in by fans, came together to put on a show. This year it was the Florida Panthers’ turn to host the games.

“But it’s amazing, having everybody down here. Everyone can see what it’s like being in
South Florida,” said superfan Robert Veglia. “It’s fantastic.”

While most of the world is in the middle of winter, many hockey fans were thankful for
the warmth. Canadian hockey fan Renauld Lefort was elated with Saturday’s weather.

“We’re really happy because it’s very cold right now in Canada, so we’re coming here to watch the All-Star game and the weather is amazing,” said Lefort.

After the break, the Florida Panthers defended home ice in a three-game homestand just within reach of the playoffs.

At the time this story was recorded, the game had not taken place. In Game 1, the score was Central 6 and Pacific 4. In Game 2, the score was Atlantic 10 and Metro 6. In Game 3, the final score was Atlantic 7 and Central 5.

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