NoMi Fest rocks North Miami (video story included)

On the last day of Black History Month, elected officials of North Miami held the fourth annual NoMi Fest at Cagni Park. It was a chilly night full of live performances, DJ-spinning classics and a variety of food. 

Vice Mayor Alix Desulme said he realized just how effective the event was at bringing the community together, and decided to add a giving-back component that supports low-income residents. 

“Everything that we make from this event goes back into our foundation to help our residents,” Desulme said.

Desulme has seen a steady attendance increase in NoMi Fest since it began in 2016. He’s optimistic that it will continue to grow until eventually outgrowing the current venue. 

NoMi Fest is scheduled to happen again in late February 2021. 

Written, edited, and produced by Amanda Bazil. Filmed by Jordan Semper.

Amanda Bazil is a culture reporter, blogger of The Blavidual Mindset, and the co-host of Womxnhood, a podcast ran by the Women's Center at FIU. When she's not working, she's dancing or boxing.

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