“Nope” continues the Jordan Peele spectacle, and has the makings of a summer blockbuster

“Nope” is the next film by Oscar-winning filmmaker Jordan Peele, combining blockbuster spectacle with horror like only he can.

The third film written and directed by Peele, “Nope” has been building excitement and has benefited from the phenomenon the first movies — “Get Out” and “Us” — created. Both were well received and have set a tough standard to follow. But after a long wait, moviegoers finally learned how “Nope” — a science fiction-horror epic starring Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer and Steven Yuen — revolves around alien abductions and keeps the Peele trend moving forward.

Released on July 22, “Nope” had built up an 80% rating on the Rotten Tomatoes website in its first week, and drew positive reviews from those around the industry.

“I feel very strongly I just cannot give people the same thing. That’s just not the point of filmmaking,” Peele said in an interview with Yahoo Entertainment. “It’s about getting into an uncomfortable space; and the uncomfortable space with this one was truly the scope and adventure of taking on filmmaking with just an absolute reckless abandon.”

Kaluuya, who has collaborated with Peele before, concurred.

“He’s really going for it,” he told Yahoo. “He’s really pushing himself and is really going outside his comfort zone.”

With the increasing suspense before the film’s release – and the social media buzz that surrounded it —  the mystery was only elevated. But it seems that’s what Peele wants.

“I like to make a movie that you can watch in a different way,” he said in an interview with ET. “You can watch and analyze and talk with your friends or you can just kinda shut off and watch, and have a good time. When people tell me they watch the movie over and over again, I’m fascinated with that because every time they watch it, I feel like they watch it in a different way.”

The community seems to respond positively to this mysterious style.

“I’ve been waiting to watch this for a while,” Miami’s Jonathan Armas, a 22-year-old horror fan, said. “My friends and I have been arguing over what the twist will be.”

Miami’s Paul Durant, also 22, concurred.

“I never really liked horror movies, but after my friends made me watch ‘Get Out’ and ‘Us,’ I can see the Key and Peele humor that I did love,” he said. “And now I’m excited to see ‘Nope.’”

The cast and fans seem to be on the same page. “Nope” is something to be excited about.

Christopher Rodriguez was born and raised in Miami and is a Digital journalism major and a senior at FIU. Rodriguez loves film and entertainment in Miami and hopes to pursue those passions through journalism.