‘One Night In Miami’ tells a long-ago South Florida tale of black empowerment (includes video story)

“One Night In Miami” gathers four black legends: boxer Cassius Clay (before he was Muhammad Ali), Cleveland Browns fullback and budding actor Jim Brown, singer Sam Cooke and activist Malcolm X.

In this fictionalized reenactment, they gather at Hampton House, a motel in Miami’s Brownsville neighborhood on the night of Feb. 25, 1964. The four discuss the responsibilities and challenges of being successful Black men during the civil rights movement.

The film was shot in and around New Orleans, but the events in the story take place at Hampton House at 4240 NW 27th Ave., which has become a cultural center. In 1964, it was a high-end motel for African Americans.

“One Night in Miami” was released on Amazon Prime on Jan. 15, 2021. Oscar-winning actress-turned-director Regina King recreated the historic boxing match between Clay and then champion Sonny Liston. The film is based on a play by Kemp Powers.

“These conversations have been conversations before ’64,” said King.

Racquel Lewis is a Miami native who enjoys botany, comedy, theatre, and culinary arts. She is currently an assistant editor at Caplin News while also attending Florida International University as a Broadcast Media major. Her goals are to have her own show and to get an Emmy.