OverPAWpulation: Exploring the animal shelter dilemma (includes audio story)

The OverPAWpulation podcast dives into the issue of overcrowded animal shelters in South Florida. We sit down with experts to explore the problem, the challenges local animal shelters face and the innovative solutions to help our furry friends.

Episode 1: Saving Miami’s Strays

Meet Meg Sahdala, founder and owner of Miami Animal Rescue, who talks about the impacts of animal overpopulation in Miami-Dade County. She touches on the challenges her animal rescue faces, heartwarming adoption stories and steps to help curb the growing problem. Join us for an eye-opening discussion on how we can all contribute to making Miami a better place for our furry friends.

Alexandra Howard is a senior pursuing a dual degree in digital journalism and political science. She intends to later graduate from law school and become an immigration lawyer and political journalist.

Paula Navas is a bilingual journalist at Florida International University with an interest in sports journalism. Navas hopes to become a producer at a major sports broadcasting company or  work directly with the NBA. Beside sports, she also enjoys drawing, design and video editing. Navas holds an associate of arts degree in graphic design from Broward College and is set to graduate with a bachelor's degree in digital communication & media from the Lee Caplin School of Journalism & Media in Summer 2025.


Tatiana Ciprian is a bilingual international student from Peru at Florida International University who is passionate about the film industry and hopes to work in film production. Ciprian has experience in photography as she has captured special moments at weddings, quinceañeras, and events. She has also collaborated with Peruvian brands to plan marketing strategies on social media platforms. Ciprian will graduate with a bachelor’s degree from the Lee Caplin School of Journalism & Media in digital TV and multimedia production with a minor in social media and digital marketing in Summer 2025.