Rising pet-care costs cause owners to return dogs to shelters (includes video story)

After the Covid-19 pandemic caused a rise in dog adoptions, animal shelters were rarely in full capacity. But that is changing. The Animal Welfare League of Arlington, Virginia has seen a surge of dogs being returned by owners. The number one cause of these returns is inflation. Here’s how one shelter is tackling these soaring pet prices and giving back to those with furry friends.

Pet stores have seen a climb on pet food prices. According to Nielsen IQ data, the prices of pet food rose to $0.30 in 2022 and is expected to increase in 2023, but at a lower rate.

Chelsea Jones highlights solutions the shelter is providing to help with these costly products.

“We have emergency grants if your pet has an emergency illness,” said Jones. “A lot of people don’t know that there are resources for them if they are having financial difficulties taking care of their pets.”

Animal shelters across the country rely on donations and volunteering. Those in South Florida who are interested in helping their local shelter can visit miamidade.gov.

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