Gary Monroe discusses vitality in photography

    Inspicio Arts, our sister art publication platform, published a video conversation with photographer Gary Monroe, who has worked primarily with black and white film for most of his career.

    Monroe was born in Miami Beach. He received a master’s degree in fine arts from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1977. Upon returning home, he photographed the old-world Jewish community that characterized South Beach. 

    “I believe that photographers have a creative shelf-life.  After the first dozen wonder years, it becomes more of a struggle to maintain your vitality so your work doesn’t become redundant.”

    Since 1984 he has photographed throughout Haiti, and also looked at tourism across Florida, especially the “rite of passage” of vacationers at Disney World. He also “wanders aimlessly” to photograph in other countries – Brazil, Israel, Cuba, India, Trinidad, Poland and Egypt to name a few. Recently he has been looking at the landscape, especially the “transformation of place” due to corporate-driven planning.

    Watch the entire interview here.

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