Pixar and golf lovers unite at Fort Lauderdale pop-up (includes video story)

L.A. childhood favorite pop-up “Pixar Putt” has arrived in Fort Lauderdale for a mini-golf experience that transports the community into beloved Pixar movies for a day of fun.

“The beauty of Pixar Putt is that it celebrates all of our favorite movies, you know the very first one was ‘Toy Story,’ which premiered back in 1995,” said Chad Larabee, the producer of Pixar Putt. “We all have these touchstones to various movies, we all have our favorite, so the chance to be able to interact with these movies is a lot of fun.”

The mini-golf course consists of 18 interactive holes inspired by Pixar stories like “Monsters Inc.,” “Toy Story,” “The Incredibles,” “Ratatouille,” and many more iconic childhood films.

All ages are welcome seven days a week, with after-dark sessions available for those 18 and older, Thursday through Saturday.

“For me, it was just the Pixar characters,” said Romina Reyes, a visitor. “I just thought it would be fun to do while we are here.”

South Florida is the sixth stop for this pop-up and will continue until March 26 in Las Olas Oceanside Park. To join in on all the infinity and beyond fun, visit www.pixarputt.com

Vanessa Garcia is a senior at FIU majoring in Digital Broadcasting with a concentration in English. Her hobbies include singing, making videos, writing, and reading. After graduation, she aspires to become an entertainment host/personality or radio personality. She hopes to leave a mark in the entertainment industry and inspire others along the way.