Premature baby finally going home (includes video story)

Premature baby Nyla Brook Haywood, who was born at 22 weeks of pregnancy and spent nearly six months at Silver Cross Hospital in Chicago, is finally going home. 

Nyla has the distinction of being the youngest baby ever born at Silver Cross Hospital. She weighed only one pound and one ounce. She had a 10% chance of survival, making her a micro-preemie. 

“She cried at birth which is a little whimper but it was a cry,” says Dr. Mario Sanchez, a neonatologist at Silver Cross Hospital. “Her heart rate always remained over 100 which for us, that’s where we want it to be. So she came out fighting right off the bat.”

Although she will be going home weighing 10 pounds, she will require oxygen and regular check-ups for potential complications. 

“I just don’t have the words in all honesty,” says Nakeya Haywood, Nyla’s mother. “We’re just super grateful that she’s here. She’s healthy and she’s doing amazing.”

Gabriela Jelisse Fuentes Villafañe was born and raised in Puerto Rico. She moved to the United States when she was 12 years old. She is currently majoring in Broadcast Journalism, concentrating in Spanish. She hopes to be part of big Latino TV channels like Univision or Telemundo.