President Biden announces the end of Covid-19 public health emergency (includes video story)

President Biden announced the COVID-19 public health emergency is ending on May 11. That means those with Medicare will have to start paying about 20% copays on COVID-related doctors visits and treatments such as the Monoclonal antibody administered in the office.

Vaccines will continue to be free along with Paxlovid, a government-bought drug used to fight the virus in people age 12 and over. 

On April 1, the U.S. government will start the process of redetermination for those with Medicaid, removing everyone who no longer qualifies for the program based on income. Millions of Americans will be left uninsured, according to Arielle Kane, director of Medicaid initiatives for Families USA. 

Kane also explained organization’s worries.  

“We’re concerned about the number of people who are going to be left uninsured as a result of these pandemic-era policies ending,” she said. “When they’re uninsured, it affects their COVID coverage and their overall well being and ability to access services in the healthcare system.”

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