Primavera Unplugged features South Florida talent (includes video story)

Primavera Unplugged is a new Latin American music festival in Miami that features rising music artists. The event took place on June 15 at Miami Ironside.

The concept was created by Stefany Parli and Vittoria Galluccio, who wanted to provide artists with a chance to be discovered. With the help of Miami Ironside, Moonglow Jewelry and other sponsors, they turned the idea into a reality.

“There is so much talent in this festival,” said Parli. “I know that the music industry is tough but we always have to believe in ourselves and work hard for our dreams.”

In addition to music, the festival incorporates dance, fashion and art, providing a space for creatives and local artists to connect and grow.

Ana Paula Mayorga, born and raised in Venezuela, is a senior majoring in Communications Broadcast Media and minoring in Business Marketing. She currently works as a content creator and spokesperson for brands in the beauty industry. Her goal after graduation is to work as a TV host for live entertainment shows.