Protests erupt at the University of Chicago (includes video story)

On Saturday morning at the University of Chicago, students took to the streets to protest during the university’s convocation ceremony.

The university withheld the diplomas of students involved with the pro-Palestinian encampment on campus, which was cleared on May 7. Hundreds of individuals joined the students to demand the ceasing of relations between universities and Israel.

The disruption was brief and peaceful. Students waved Palestinian flags and others wore traditional black and white checkered scarves as a show of solidarity. However, conflict arose when the protesters clashed with police officers; some were pepper sprayed in the face by police. The university released a statement describing the events and arrests made during the conflict.

Elaine Ruiz is a junior at Florida International University seeking a degree in Digital Communications and Media and in History. She is passionate about TV production and the entertainment industry and hopes to work in the entertainment industry after graduation.