PTSD: the reality veterans face when returning home (video story included)

Returning from military service means coping with symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. Anyone who has been through life-threatening events can develop PTSD.

Experiencing extreme emotional and physical trauma may cause many symptoms. Panicking, shaking, becoming negative, having suicidal thoughts and feeling on guard at all times are some signs that veterans may be experiencing PTSD and need to be treated.

It’s hard living with untreated PTSD, so it’s important to stay connected with people by going out more often and volunteering around the community to stay busy. One should take care of the body and mind by exercising, having enough sleep and avoiding alcohol and drugs.

Sometimes seeking professional help for PTSD can be very beneficial, and the only way out. If you meet someone in need, you can help out by approaching them, creating a relationship and developing a friendship.

Jennifer Chang is a real estate agent and a student at Florida International University, majoring in broadcast journalism and marketing. She is also a professionally trained dancer and actress. Chang is currently a Captain for the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders and reported Miami Dolphins news in a series called “Dolphins Internacional.” She developed a social media audience for her dancing and unique video techniques which went “viral,” and various news organizations wrote exclusive features for her.

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