Rain or shine, Summer Fit Fest continues in Doral

Heavy rains on Sunday did not stop the inauguration of what could possibly turn into an annual event: Summer Fit Fest in Doral.

As it poured, people waited under tents for the rain to stop and continue their classes for the event sponsored by Baptist Health, the community news website New Tropic and Mind Body Social, an events organizer.

About 10 tents offered hair braiding, healthy foods and giveaways. Well-known instructor Cathy Medina taught a Zumba class. Legacy Fitness personal trainer Nicole Erazo taught boot camp.

Claudia Puccineli, an event attendee, was unbothered by the weather.

“Honestly, I was really excited to attend and start my week off with a workout,” said Puccineli. “Plus, it’s Miami. We all know it’ll rain and go away fast.”

The purpose of the event was to promote a healthy lifestyle through various fitness routines like CrossFit, Zumba and yoga.

Meghan Zimeroth, the event planner for The New Tropic, said it was important for the event to continue after the rain cleared.

“It’s important to have things like health and fitness for the people of Doral,” she said.

“So that people can start their week well off.”

She hopes to make this a yearly event.

After the rain stopped, Nicole Erazo, a certified personal trainer from Legacy Fitness, continued her class on the wet, muddy grass.

“This event is really important, to spread health, fit life. After all this is a lifestyle,” she said.

“As a Doral resident, it’s always important to meet people and spread this lifestyle in your own community.”

Ana Valencia is an enthusiastic student who's excited and passionate to learn and create. She is currently working on becoming a great reporter and one day hopes to be a producer.