Local artists lead the way to reducing carbon emissions (includes video story)

Last weekend, the Museum of Graffiti in Wynwood, in cooperation with Air-Ink, a Boston-based company that makes ink from pollution, showcased work by local artists that merge graffiti culture with sustainability.

The common feature of all the pieces on exhibit is the recycled ink.

For the event, “Reduce, Reuse, Remix,” a handful of artists designed and displayed pieces with an Earth Day theme.

Ryan “The Wheelbarrow” Ferrel, one of the featured artists, stood next to his piece “Doomed to Consume” as he explained that it shows how humans scavenge and destroy the planet when there are “little golden hidden gems everywhere.”

The ink is made by capturing harmful carbon-based emissions, such as oil, before they reach our atmosphere.

“So many of the artists around the world and from here come from graffiti, and it’s important that people acknowledge that we started with graffiti and we evolved as artists into galleries,” said Marcus ‘Grabster’ Borges, another featured artist. “We’ve got something to say and we’ve got something to show.”

Enzo Canete is a Sophomore Digital Broadcast Journalism Major, interested in Science Communication with a focus in highlighting the experiences of everyday people. He is currently working on documentaries within the Latin American community in South Florida, with topics ranging from climate change to food insecurity.