Ron DeSantis won’t lock down Florida again (includes video story)

Governor Ron DeSantis assured Floridians that he will not institute another lockdown as COVID-19 cases spike in the state. Florida currently leads the United States in infections, and the numbers haven’t been so high since January.

DeSantis insists that the uptick is a seasonal occurrence and is on par with what medical professionals predicted would happen.

Dr. Lillian Abbo of the University of Miami disagrees. “We have a much more contagious variant that we didn’t see in December or in April.”

To mitigate the spike, the CDC had recommended all students in schools wear masks. Governor DeSantis believes this is a distraction from their education. He compared masking children to the muzzling of a dog. 

DeSantis cites the comfort of the children as the main reason they should not be forced to wear masks in schools and argues that this course of action will put Florida’s children first.

The governor also acknowledged the rising Colombian variant in the state as it spreads through South Florida, and he says he will be keeping a close eye on the situation.

Christopher Gomez a student at FIU majoring in Communications studying Journalism. He enjoys cooking and photography in his free time.