Rose Tucker and Matthew Salleh talk barbecue and deserving dogs

    Inspicio Arts, our sister art publication, has published a video conversation with New York-based filmmakers Rose Tucker and Matthew Salleh, who form the director/producer team, Urtex Films.

    Previously based in Australia, they are focused on creating honest and authentic content about everyday subjects that can attract a global audience. Their documentaries “Barbecue” and “We Don’t Deserve Dogs” focus on experiences and perspectives by ordinary people rather than experts.

    “We like to tell stories about seemingly everyday subjects by looking at them in a big kind of global context, so both films, “Barbecue” and “We Don’t Deserve Dogs,” are examples of that,” Tucker said.

    The team released a debut documentary, “Barbecue,” in 2017, which was picked by Netflix for a three-year global release. Their most recent film, “We Don’t Deserve Dogs,” was released theatrically and online globally in 2021 and appeared on many recommendation lists including the Washington Post, USA Today, and SF Gate. It also topped the iTunes documentary best-selling charts.

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