Saint Vincent De Paul feeds Broward’s poor during the holidays

Saint Vincent de Paul is a worldwide non-profit organization that focuses on empowering people who are struggling in their lives and helping those who are going through a period of transition. 

The organization has been operating for many years locally and has been around for a century. The holidays are very important to its leaders and beneficiaries because it is a key time to help the needy.

The organization regularly feeds dozens of families who find it difficult to afford food in South Florida. The mission is not just to give to those struggling but to make their lives better. There are also mental health services, tips to find jobs, and immigration counseling. 

In Broward County, St. Katharine Drexel Catholic Church, located at 2501 So. Post Rd. in Weston is a key distribution site. Rosa Emilia Salvati is one of the leaders of Saint Vincent De Paul. She has been participating in food distribution for 2.5 years. During a recent interview, she said: “We not only deliver material content but also spiritual content. When people pass by with their cars, they receive a blessing from the lord, and sometimes they ask us to pray for them.” 

During drives at the church, each of the 250 families who attend receives a couple of bags of food with a value of around $60. These include vegetables: carrots, potatoes, tomatoes and lettuce. 

To receive this aid, you need to get on to the list before it fills. To participate, send an email to Then you will receive an email back saying that you have been accepted. 

The emails are due Wednesday before the event on Saturday. Filling out the application takes less than 20 minutes.

In some cases, food can even be delivered: “When we go to their houses, it is because we get a call indicating that they need attention or company,” Salvati said.

There is more information available on their Instagram page, @sanvicenteweston

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