Sandy Hook Elementary survivors graduate high school and fight for change (includes video story)

More than 11 years ago, 20 children and six faculty members lost their lives in the Sandy Hook Elementary mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. First graders who witnessed the tragedy are now seniors graduating from Newtown High School. While it is normally an exciting moment for many, the feeling is bittersweet for the Sandy Hook survivors.

“When we lined up by grade, half of our grade was missing so that was really hard,” recounts Grace Fischer, a survivor in the shooting.

Fischer, along with many other survivors of that day, are a part of the Junior Newtown Action Alliance. The group focuses on taking action and sharing the experiences of Sandy Hook survivors to try to change the nation’s gun laws.

“I feel like it’s my purpose to continue my life in honor of them.” Fischer states.

She and other survivors from that day graduated in a private ceremony this past Wednesday evening.

Emma Alonso is a senior majoring in Digital Broadcast Media. She is passionate about photography and videography. After graduation she hopes to work in the photojournalism field, more specifically on the sidelines of an NFL or NBA team capturing stories through her camera.