Senate discusses regulations for artificial intelligence (includes video story)

Today, lawmakers and everyday Americans are sizing up how to handle the rapid growth of artificial intelligence after the Senate talked with experts this week to discuss potential regulations.

The Senate held a judiciary hearing on Tuesday, calling up experts like the CEO of OpenAI, the parent company of Chat GPT, to discuss ways to deal with A.I.’s rapid growth in recent years.

Many Senators shared their concerns like national security, fairness and likeness rights but were not able to come to any clear conclusion.

“We need to be a little bit careful with such statements, but that’s not all that A.I. is. There are many applications of A.I. in different aspects of our lives,” said Dr. Agorista Polyzou, an assistant professor of computer science and a machine learning ethics researcher at Florida International University.

“The problem is that the people develop something that does not properly educate the public, one of the first regulations that could be there is to educate the public about how the models should be used and the risks that might be associated with their use”, said Polyzou.

Yam Hunter Preisler is a senior at Florida International University majoring in broadcast journalism. He is passionate about reporting on medical advancements. Yam is currently working as a freelance video editor.