Third shark attack in last week hits Daytona area (includes video story)

In the past week, Volusia County, which includes Daytona, has experienced three shark attacks. The latest occurred during a junior lifeguard drill at Ponce Inlet. The victim, a 14-year-old, encountered a 4-5 foot blacktip shark while entering the water, sustaining non-life-threatening injuries. 

Despite these incidents, beach officials urge people to stay calm, emphasizing that such occurrences are rare given the high volume of beachgoers.

Captain A.J. Miller of Volusia Beach Safety reassured the public, “ The amount of people we have coming to this beach compared to the amount of shark incidents is very minimal.”

Experts recommend swimming near lifeguard towers and keeping an eye out.

Victoria Fonseca is a senior majoring in Digital Broadcasting with an area of concentration in Hospitality Management. After her studies, she wishes to pursue a career in the entertainment and hospitality field.