ShowBiz Cinemas in Homestead starts the long road back (includes video story)

ShowBiz Cinemas in Homestead sold out for the second week in a row following the release of the hit film “Tom and Jerry.”

The film premiered on Feb. 26 and has been the cinema’s biggest success since its reopening following COVID-19. ShowBiz Cinemas is located at 100 S. Krome Ave.

To ensure that customers feel more secure in spite of the pandemic, the theater began offering private auditorium viewings. COVID-19 guidelines such as six-feet social distancing and the use of face masks are being enforced.

“There’s a 30-minute gap between the first show and the next show,” said general manager Steve Winn. “We go through and sanitize it clean, and then we let the next group of people in and so they can feel comfortable that we’re going to that effort to make sure they feel comfortable when they come here.”

Clients like 17-year-old Andrea Ocasio and her family are pleased with the cinema’s newest feature and are looking forward to hosting their own private events.

“Yes, we would rent it out,” she said. “Especially for a party or any other event. It would be nice to rent out.”

An auditorium can be rented out for as low as $99.99 for classic films such as “Monster Hunter” or $149.99 for new releases.

According to Jeremy Devine, the vice president of marketing and content at ShowBiz, packages can be customized. Guests can bring their own disks to use on the theater’s DVD players.

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