Small food businesses face challenges after pandemic (includes podcast)

Small Business Talk is a podcast where economics experts are invited to talk about the
challenges of small businesses, share their insights are provide recommendations to businesses to overcome the struggles they face.

In this episode of Small Business Talk hosts Maria Chacon and Jesus Arreaza talk with
Professor Daniel Hicks about the challenges of the small business in the food industry. After
going through a pandemic and nearing recession, the economy has challenged the food industry like never in history.

Although every business is suffering in this economy, the small margins that businesses in
the food industry manage make it especially harsh.

But not everything is bad news; Professor Hicks shares some encouraging insights about a potential recover.

This episode’s interviewee is University of Miami professor Daniel Hicks. Professor Hicks is an economics professor and professional journalist. Professor Hicks specializes in sustainable business as a member of the economics faculty at the Miami Herbert Business School.

Jesse Fraga studies Digital Journalism as well as Women's and Gender Studies. He was awarded "Best Coverage of LGBT Issues" and "Best News Photo" by the Society of Professional Journalists Sunshine State Awards. Fraga works as an intern for Miami New Times and was the former News Director of PantherNOW. He hopes to bridge the gap between queer news and mainstream media.

Maria Chacon is a Senior student at Florida International University pursuing her bachelor’s degree in digital communications and media. After graduation, she aspires to follow her digital media career.

Jesus Arreaza is a Venezuelan student in Florida International
University, majoring in digital media and communications. After his graduation expected in 2023, he aspires to pursue a career in marketing.