Socially sustainable (includes audio story)

Welcome to our podcast series where we talk about the fashion industry, especially fast fashion. We discuss how it affects society and the environment. Our guests, including fashion influencers and experts, share their perspectives on combating fast fashion. Join us as we explore sustainable practices and the importance of mindful consumption.


Fast Fashion is described as the quick production of garments made in bulk. Podcast host Michelle Gonzalez sits down with a local fashion influencer, Elizabeth, who describes the effects she is having on the industry. However, Elizabeth is working to combat these issues. Rather than continuously shopping in stores such as Shein, Zara and H&M, she advocates for second-hand clothing, recycling and upcycling her finds.


Over time, consumers have come to notice that fashion is much more than just buying trendy clothes. Overproduction and overconsumption are largely responsible for creating a huge desire for materialistic goods. Podcast host Samantha Diaz sits down with Asanyah Davidson, a master’s student and former chairperson for the Miami Fashion Institute. Davidson shares several options that consumers can adopt to combat fast fashion. She hones in on the environmental effects and the efforts that can be made to buy quality and shop for secondhand clothing.

Michelle Gonzalez is a senior digital and interactive media student at Florida International University. She is constantly working on perfecting her craft as an illustrator, videographer and photographer. Michelle looks forward to using her background in film and media to produce content for social media accounts.