South Florida’s alt-rock group “Don’t Panic!” (includes multimedia content)

The indie alt-rock band, Don’t Panic! is just getting started. Based here in South Florida, Michael John Chavez (lead singer), Davin Martinez (drummer/singer), Stefan Silva-Espino (guitar) and Javier Gonzalez (bass) recently released their first EP, “Pilot.”

“Pilot” features eight songs that meditate on the complexities of young romantic relationships, the ebb and flow of one’s mental health and negative outsider opinions. Their EP rollout started with the release of their first single, “Nowhere Left To Hide (Now You’re Gone).” The song utilizes a series of energized riffs and emotive lyricism that shows them to be true admirers of the alternative rock genre. It features a ’70s-inspired riff that is a cornerstone of the forever evolving and shifting style.

The second single, “You F*cked Up,” positions itself as a more melancholic and meditative song coupled with a relatable analysis of the effects of avoidance and the use of substances. Don’t Panic! comfortably adds to the genre’s canon by continuing the conversation about the uneasiness and confusion in early young adulthood and interpersonal relationships.

The third and final single (released before 2022’s “Pilot”) was Vegan Lasagna. This is a playful addition to “Pilot” that ruminates on a member’s disdain for vegan lasagna and the dish’s apparent blasphemous usage of potatoes.

Don’t Panic! came together and bonded over their shared love for the genre-bending of rock and alternative musings, going for their dreams post-high school and finding a place amongst the independent Miami rock scene. The band was formed after the members graduated from high school in June 2021. Don’t Panic! quickly set their sights on writing and recording Pilot, drawing inspiration from their personal experiences and inspirations from The Strokes to Beach House.

Their excitement for the future can be seen in their stage presence. Martinez notes that their success as a band can be attributed to their supporters’ dedication. They are thankful to have such an open relationship with their fans via an Instagram caption.

“[Our performance at Tropical Park] gave us our first real taste of our dream,” he said. “People were asking for photos after the show because of how much they enjoyed our set,” they say. “For some no-name kids who don’t know what they’re doing, that was the thing we were expecting.”

Recently, the group of four performed a show at the Stage Mom Mini Fest. The band is active on its Instagram, either chatting with fans, showing love for the band’s concert photographer or promoting upcoming gigs. Don’t Panic! is a band to watch grow on the Miami rock scene.

Kai Wilson is a student majoring in Digital Communication & Media at FIU. Her passions are film/television, pop culture and history. In the future, she hopes to work in social media in the entertainment industry.