Caplin News fall 2019 awards

On Nov. 22, the Caplin News hosted its inaugural awards ceremony, highlighting the most outstanding works submitted during the fall 2019 term.

The event’s honored guest was Kyle Swenson, an author and national enterprise reporter at the Washington Post. Swenson’s work has been published in The Village Voice, The New Republic and Miami New Times. His recent book, “Good Kids, Bad City,” built upon his reporting as an alt-weekly reporter. It tells the story of the longest wrongful imprisonment in the United States to end in exoneration. In the early 1970s, three African-American men were convicted of the brutal robbery and murder of a man outside of a convenience store. After a witness recanted his testimony 40 years later, the trio was released.

Also present at the ceremony were the College of Communication, Architecture, + The Arts’ Dean Brian Schriner, the Journalism and Media Department Chair Teresa Ponte and Scripps Foundation President and CEO Liz Carter.

The awards and recipients are listed below. Each one is linked to the winning story.

Excellence in Lists Angelo Gomez and Luisa Peixoto

Excellence in Education Coverage Bianca Marcof

Excellence in Tourism Coverage Amanda La Rosa

Excellence in Interviewing Joemy Blanco

Excellence in Social Media Monica Lebro and Andrea Igliozzi

Excellence in Video Coverage Jay Valle

Excellence in Photography Yasser Marte

Excellence in Fashion Coverage Shannon McMullen

Excellence in Literary Coverage Erika Semprun

Excellence in Cooperative Effort Kai’Chien Chisholm and Yasser Marte

Excellence in Written Feature Silvio Falcone

Excellence in Podcasting Kai’Chien Chisholm

Excellence in Foreign Reporting Jacqueline Mata

Excellence in Election Coverage Natalia Clement

Excellence in Video Feature Colin Miller

Excellence in Environmental Coverage Zoe Soler, Camila Rodriguez and Paul Martinez

Excellence in Health Coverage Shannon McMullen

Excellence in Breaking News Coverage Imogen Francis and Tamica Jean-Charles

Excellence in Coverage of Gender Issues Mariandrea Vergel Prieto

Excellence in 360° Video Yazmine Hassan, Alexis Baez and Gina Torres

Natalia Clement is a senior journalism student at FIU. She was born in Bogota, Colombia, but was raised in Miami. Her passion for journalism began in elementary school as a school news anchor and continued all the way into college. She enjoys written journalism the most, but also finds broadcasting interesting. She is the copy editor for Caplin News and also interns at Univision. Natalia looks forward to graduating in the summer. Her ultimate goal is to move to New York to pursue her career as a journalist.