South Florida pilot achieves his dream (includes audio slideshow)

“Since I was little, I always knew that I wanted to become an airline transport pilot,” said Luigi Alonzi.

Alonzi tells the story of how he got to live his dream. He had always envisioned himself becoming a pilot and with his dedication, he is close to achieving his goal. He has worked hard and is most proud of managing work and getting the license to kick off his career.

Alonzi’s dad inspired him to start working to be financially stable while finishing his associate’s degree.

The journey to his dream hasn’t been easy but nothing has stopped him. Alonzi is now a commercial pilot and a certified flying instructor. He is proud to be part of the United Aviate Program.

With support from family and fiancé, Alonzi never had a doubt about fulfilling his dream.

“Dreams do come true,” said Alonzi.

Estefani Calandriello is a Junior majoring in Digital Communications and Media specializing in Broadcasting at Florida International University. She has a strong sense of enthusiasm and loves to travel and take pictures. Her desired job is to work in the entertainment industry.