South Florida’s Cuban community rallies in support of Cuba’s uprising (includes video story)

The protests in Cuba seem to be slowing down, if the Cuban government is to be believed. The truth is obscured by the fact that the island is under an internet blackout. Here in South Florida, the support for Cuba’s freedom is stronger than ever. 

For the past couple of days, the protests in the island have been in record numbers never seen before in Cuba’s 62-year communist regime, with Cuban exiles in South Florida protesting in Doral, Tamiami Park and even shutting down the Palmetto Expressway on Coral Way. 

The government in Cuba reacted to the protesters with violence, leaving at least one person dead and several others injured. On Sunday, they convened in an emergency meeting with former Cuban president Raul Castro. 

These incidents are putting pressure on the Biden administration to enact policies towards Cuba. Under the Obama administration, restrictions towards Cuba were eased. But as Senator Bob Mendez, a Democrat from New Jersey, said: “the regime enriched itself, and the people never saw any benefit from it.” 

On the other hand, under Trump, restrictions were much stronger, with Cuba being named a state sponsor of terror. The Biden administration did say in his campaign that he will return to Obama’s diplomatic policies, but has not acted just yet. 

“The longer it takes for the U.S. to act, the more costly this situation will be for the Cuban people,” said Ricardo Herrero, Executive Director of the Cuba Study Group.

Ana Soler is majoring in journalism with a translation & interpretation certificate at Florida International University. She has a passion for writing and reporting in both English and Spanish. She is a lover of linguistics, pop culture, entertainment, traveling and learning about people of all walks of life.

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