South Florida’s ‘s five best YouTubers

Ah, YouTube. The video platform has transformed from a weird and funny video-sharing site to a viable replacement for television. There is so much content uploaded every day (300 hours of video are uploaded per minute!) that it’s sometimes difficult to choose what to watch. To help with that, here are five YouTubers who came from our own backyard and are killing it on the internet!

Jenny Lorenzo
If you are looking for a great Latinx channel, Jenny or “Yenny” Lorenzo is your gal! She makes comedy sketches about being a Hispanic in the United States in a very relatable and hilarious manner for her 175k subscribers. Lorenzo portrays a variety of characters — her most popular is abuela. Lorenzo, who is Cuban American (born and raised in Miami), was inspired by Cuban grandmothers playing dominoes and drinking Cuban coffee. She performs in a way that makes people of any ethnicity laugh out loud. If you’re Hispanic, she will remind you of your family and childhood.

For the people who are into beauty videos, KathleenLights is a perfect channel to follow. On her channel, which has 4.15 million (yes, million!) subscribers, she does product reviews, monthly favorites and makeup tutorials. She also has a series, Kat Chats, in which she tells stories and does Q&As. Cafecito with Kathleen is a second series in which she produces production-style sketches with her friends. Her bubbly personality makes her channel entertaining, especially when she says certain phrases in a quirky way, like her signature one: “Dass Expensive.” She also lives right here in South Florida and owns her own merchandise company, Lights Label, and nail polish company, Lights Lacquer. She also has multiple makeup collaborations with popular e-commerce brand, Colourpop Cosmetics.

Jessi Smiles
Jessi Smiles is for audiences who enjoy watching beauty videos and/or storytime videos. Like KathleenLights, Jessica “Smiles” Vasquez is a Cuban American from Miami. On her second channel, Jessi Styles, which boasts 905K subscribers, she produces typical beauty content, but the main event are her stories. Even though she doesn’t post as regularly as other people on this list, Vasquez is a must-watch. She tells stories of very unusual dating situations that occurred in her teens and early 20s that are insane and comical in the best way.

Heath Hussar
If you enjoy vlogs, you’re probably a fan of Heath Hussar. The Fort Lauderdale-born YouTuber has 2.18 million subscribers. His videos are very authentic — he films his life and does challenge videos. He also has friends from the YouTuber friend group The Vlog Squad, like his girlfriend Mariah Amato and his best friend Zane Hijazi, who appear with him. He also has a podcast with Zane called Zane and Heath: Unfiltered where they tell hilarious stories. The podcast’s YouTube channel currently sits at 377k subscribers. Hussar’s videos are enjoyable to watch because he makes them authentically funny. The dynamic of him with his friends is amazing to watch, since they bounce jokes off each other.

Zane Hijazi
Hussar’s best friend, Zane Hijazi, is also a must-watch if you enjoy vlogs. He was also born in Fort Lauderdale and creates very similar content as Hussar. Hijazi is naturally funny and unafraid to make fun of himself from time to time. His channel currently has 3.57 million subscribers.

Ana Soler is majoring in journalism with a translation & interpretation certificate at Florida International University. She has a passion for writing and reporting in both English and Spanish. She is a lover of linguistics, pop culture, entertainment, traveling and learning about people of all walks of life.