Realistic “Stranger Things” Halloween decoration goes viral (includes video story)

A spooky Halloween decoration outside an Illinois home looks like it’s levitating. This decor, inspired by the hit Netflix series “Stranger Things,” has gone viral all over social media.

Fans of the show come from all over the city to snap pictures and take videos of the unique decoration made by the Appel family.

Fans of the decoration are asking one main question: How is the Appel family keeping “Max” afloat? At least 14 million users have seen the popular TikTok video posted by the Appel family and the comment section is flooded with questions about the design of this extravagant decoration.

The Appels have clearly outdone themselves this Halloween. Maybe after the season is over, they will reveal how they did it.

Elizabeth Garcia is a Senior at Florida International University majoring in Communications with a Digital Broadcasting track. Being from Miami, Florida she has always loved expressing herself through her makeup, nails, fashion and everything creative. Her goal is to expand her knowledge in the communications field and continue working toward expressing herself creatively.