Striking new evidence from the Surfside condo collapse has emerged (including video story)

New video released yesterday shows serious structural damage from before the Surfside condo collapse. An investigation has been ordered using local and federal resources.

“Hundreds of pieces of building debris and representative material specimens have been tagged and preserved for further study,” said engineer Judith Mitrani-Reisner.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology reassured residents its investigators will find the cause of the collapse. “I can assure you that the investigation of what caused the collapse will be thorough,” said NIST director Dr. James Olthoff. “We have brought together a team of world-class experts who will work as long as it takes to identify the likely cause or causes of the collapse.

The committee asked for help from anyone who might have knowledge about the building’s structural integrity prior to the tragedy. “We’re trying to understand how this building failed, and we need as much information as possible,” said Mitrani-Reisner.

Officials say the investigation will take anywhere from two to six years, but are hopeful they will arrive at a conclusive answer about what caused the collapse, The aim is to  ensure these events don’t repeat.

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