Summer tips to address body image issues (includes video story)

When summer draws near, many people choose shorts, bikinis, and other seasonal clothing to combat the heat. But this time of the year also sees an increase in body image issues among many people. Cleveland Clinic psychologist Susan Albers sheds more light on the topic, emphasizing the pressure society puts on people to meet specific physical standards.

Social media and in-person comparisons intensify thoughts that there is only one acceptable body type. Albers criticizes terms like “beach body” and “bikini body” for widening the gap between societal expectations and the reality of diverse body types. 

Albers suggests putting an end to fad diets and concentrating on healthy food. She also stresses how crucial it is to refrain from negative self-talk.

“When we talk negatively about our bodies, it lowers our self-esteem and prevents us from taking advantage of all the beautiful and enjoyable things that summer has to offer,” Albers adds.

Albers also advises avoiding social media as well, as it frequently posts and displays photos with filters that produce unrealistic beauty standards. Finding a swimsuit that gives you confidence and comfort is her final piece of advice.

“When we feel comfortable, we radiate this out into the world and we can have fun,” Albers says.

Jennifer Barban is a junior Digital Multimedia student at Florida International University. She was born and raised in Miami, FL. Jennifer is currently 21 years old. She obtained her Associates in Business Administration at Miami Dade College before transferring to FIU. She enjoys photography and videography in her free time and hopes to pursue a job in movie making.