Supply chain problems: Could ships be rerouted to Florida? (includes video story)

America is facing one of the worst supply chain crises in U.S. history — which has been exacerbated by the ongoing pandemic. 

However, as the world returns to pre-pandemic economic levels, demand has bounced back faster than expected and small businesses are suffering the most.

California wholesale distributor Claire Liu said: “This Christmas, the damage is done, we just have to hope and pray and that products are getting through.”

She started preparing for the holiday season early because goods are limited and prices are high.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said yesterday at a press conference in Jacksonville that his state might be part of the solution — cargo containers might be rerouted here.

“We’re able to accommodate these ships without backups,” he said. “Our seaports are used to operating around the clock.”

For now, experts predict that Americans will continue to experience higher prices and shortages of products until 2022.

Caplin News Producer

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