Sweetwater launches a new website

After six months of having an outdated website, Sweetwater will launch a new version of its website that will make the services easier for the users, city officials said. 

The front page of the current website, which has not been updated since June, stated that it is under construction. 

Spokeswomen Daniela Lara, who worked with Wisconsin firm Town Web Design, to create the website, said it still needs some final touches before launching on Jan. 13, 2020.  “We can launch it right now but it is not fully developed,” Lara said. “I want it to be nice and ready when we launch it.” 

Lara started working on the website when the city commission approved the expenditure on July 1. 

“There has been a whole process since July,” Lara said. “I think six months is perfect to create this website.”

Dustin Overbeck, the president of Town Web Design, said the new site will be appealing and user-friendly. “The residents, tourists and visitors of the City of Sweetwater will never say that the site looks outdated,” Overbeck said. 

Lara said that the features of the new website are easy to find and use.

“If they need a permit, a resolution or [have] a request, they can do it through the website,” Lara said. “All the information they need is going to be there.”

Commissioner Joniel Diaz said he is looking forward to a site that meets the needs of the city. “I would hope to see some sort of change,” Diaz said. “It will hopefully get our foot in the right direction.”

Lara said that the new website will include a FAQ section to provide an easy way for the people to get the information needed. 

“If users have any questions, they won’t have to call or come in,” Lara said. “This is going to help us minimize the traffic because we will answer as many questions as possible on the website.”   

Lara said that she prepared the theme of the website to be organized and pleasant. 

“It is very welcoming,” Lara said. “When you have a website, content is important and organization is key.”

The city spent $4,063 to set up the new website according to city documents.   

Diaz said the budget used for the website is reasonable. “We have put a good amount of money on it. It is a complete package that must work out.” 

Hashim Al Khaburi was born and raised in Oman. He came to Florida International University to study journalism. He focuses on learning about marketing in the news industry.