Ten best Brazilian restaurants in South Florida

When most people think about Brazilian food, they picture themselves in a rodizio eating rice, beans and a large piece of picanha. But there is so much more. Luckily for us, Miami is home to a vibrant Brazilian community that brings its flavors and recipes to the restaurant scene. From food trucks serving street fare to elegant eateries serving traditional churrasco, these restaurants provide various tastes and cuisines that would appeal to any foodie. So sit back, grab your Portuguese dictionary and get ready to discover the top Brazilian restaurants in South Florida.


Picanha, rice, french fries and beans. (Courtesy of Camila’s Restaurante)

Camila’s Restaurante
129 SE 1st Ave. Miami, FL
(305) 375-0992

Since 1989, Camila’s Restaurante has been serving Brazilian cuisine. From all-you-can-eat feijoada ($15.95) and picanha ($17.95) to strogonoff ($9.95), the buffet-style restaurant is a required stop for any Brazilian tourist (or churrasco enthusiast) visiting the Miami area. For more than two decades, Camila’s has been a home away from home for Brazilians, serving the traditional guarana ($2.50) and a variety of local beers. Many people come to Camila’s because of its popularity among Brazilian stars that visit the Magic City.


Rio de Janeiro Combo. (Courtesy of Farofa Taste of Brazil)

Farofa Taste of Brazil
11865 SW 26th St. Miami, FL
(305) 554-8815
14691 Biscayne Blvd. North Miami Beach, FL
(305) 947-3098

Farofa Taste of Brazil is a mix of a traditional steakhouse and a casual sit-down restaurant. It offers combos to accommodate any palate. The Rio de Janeiro brings one meat choice and two sides ($7.99 to $8.50). The Tudo ou Nada offers one piece of each meat and two sides ($13.99). The restaurant provides large portions for reasonable prices. Its two locations are conveniently located near busy Biscayne Boulevard and Coral Way, making it a local hangout for families, workers and university students.

Strawberry and Lime Caipirinha (Courtesy of Boteco.)

916 NE 79th St. Miami, FL
(305) 757-7735

Famous for hosting samba nights and soccer matches, Boteco has welcomed Brazilians for more than 10 years with an authentic cultural experience. You will find live music, pão de queijo ($4.95) and the acclaimed caipirinha ($7 to $7.75) at this laid-back bar. On top of all those options, feijoada is served on weekends as an all-you-can-eat buffet ($19.90). If you want a place to grab a drink or hang out with friends, Boteco is the place to go!

Brazilan style Pastels (Courtesy of Casa do Pastel)

Casa do Pastel
430 Sample Road Pompano Beach, FL
(954) 781-8778

The “House of Pastries” uses fresh ingredients for quality Brazilian pastries. While it offers a broad variety of treats, from the pão de queijo (cheese bread – $2) to the bolinho de bacalhau (codfish cake – $3.25), its specialty is the pastel, a delicious Brazilian-style empanada ($3.25 to $6.00). There are 40 types of fillings, ranging from sweet to savory. Such variety cannot be found in any other nearby restaurant.


Meat being cooked in the “Jeitinho Brasileiro.” (Courtesy of Area Code 55)

Area Code 55
16375 Biscayne Blvd. North Miami Beach, FL
(305) 947-6202

Unique among the extravagant rodizios in Miami, Area Code 55 has a welcoming atmosphere and an all-you-can-eat meat buffet starting at $22.99. Dressed like traditional Brazilian cowboys, the waiters come to the table to cut a wide selection of meats for you. The restaurant offers an astonishing menu selection at affordable prices, without compromising quality. It is a great choice whether you are celebrating a special day, gathering the family or having an intimate dinner for two.

A juicy Meat Sampler with French fries (Courtesy of PixaBay)

El Toro Loco
13595 SW 137th Ave. Miami, FL
(305) 998-9148

If you want to enjoy some delicious Brazilian cuisine outside, El Toro Loco is the perfect place to go. This food truck is a complete churrascaria that uses a specific Brazilian grill to make great quality meat, from Angus to Prime steak. It’s one-pound sampler starts at $14.99. No matter where you are in Miami, you can have a taste of the food. There are food truck locations in West Kendall, Pinecrest and Doral, as well as restaurants in Tamiami and Westchester.

Frutos do Mar Salteados Com Ervas (Courtesy of Bar Da Vila)

Bar Da Vila
152 SE 1st Ave. Miami, FL
(786) 942-2381

Located in the heart of downtown Miami, Bar Da Vila is a typical Brazilian pub offering the best tastes of the culture. This modern and intimate establishment offers a variety of specialties from the savory “caldinho de feijão” (traditional blended bean soup – $5.50) to the sweet “pudim de leite” (Brazilian style flan – $6.50). With a fun and laid-back atmosphere, Bar Da Vila is a hidden gem.

Coxinha (Courtesy of Little Brazil)

Little Brazil
6984 Collins Ave. Miami, FL
(305) 397-8215
8177 Glades Road Boca Raton, FL
(561) 617-1102

Brazilians are known for their hospitality, and Little Brazil is a perfect example of that. At this restaurant, the staff makes sure you are enjoying your experience. They serve everything from the famous snack coxinha ($2.95) to more elaborate dishes such as the picanha ($17.95). Recognized for its cozy vibes and authentic Brazilian cuisine, Little Brazil is the ideal place to go for a family-friendly dining experience.

Some Picanha (AKA Top sirloin) coming out of the fire (Courtesy of PixaBay)

Brazaviva Churrascaria 
7910 NW 25th St. Doral, FL
(786) 762-2246

Located right next to the Palmetto Expressway, Brazaviva is one of the newest additions to Miami’s collection of Brazilian eateries. The steakhouse includes a gourmet salad bar. Waiters serve the meat of your choice with the flip of your table card (starting at $24.99). Frequent patrons recommend signing up for Brazaviva’s eClub membership program, which allows you to receive the latest news, events and promotions in your inbox. This restaurant is near the Florida Grand Opera. As Dandy Don Meredith once — almost — said: “It ain’t over till the fat lady eats!”   


Sangrias. (Courtesy of Porto Alegre)

Porto Alegre
1148 SW 27th Ave. Miami, FL
(786) 534-2760

Porto Alegre is a city in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, famous for its churrasco. This restaurant, bearing the same name, not only maintains the city’s reputation for great quality meat, but it also brings the “alegria” to food bloggers, entertainers and locals alike. It offers incredible drinks and frequently hosts live performances. The restaurant has a buffet with a salad bar and an extensive selection of Brazilian meat. The lunch special is offered Monday through Thursday for $19.99. The dinner special is offered every day for $26.99.


Traditional Seafood Cataplana. (Courtesy of Pixabay)

Old Lisbon
1698 SW 22nd St. Miami, FL
(305) 854-0039

As a bonus to this list of amazing Brazilian cuisine, we included this Portuguese restaurant that offers similar meat options, as well as seafood. Known for the delicious “sardinhas grelhadas” (grilled sardines – $8.95), “pasteis de bacalhau” (codfish croquettes – $9.95) and a family-friendly atmosphere, Old Lisbon is a great place for beginners to start experiencing Portuguese cuisine. It opened its doors in 1991 and served its delicious food until a devastating fire destroyed most of its premises in 2011. The restaurant reopened in 2013 with a modern mindset and remodeled layout.

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