The Beard beats the Mustache: Dolphins rout Jaguars 31-13 (audio story included)

The Miami Dolphins (1-2) came away with their first win of the 2020 NFL season on Thursday night, routing the Jacksonville Jaguars (1-2) 31 to 13. Quarterback Ryan “The Beard” Fitzpatrick played an outstanding game to prove that Jaguars QB Gardner “Mustache” Minshew is in fact inferior.

Fitzpatrick didn’t show any Fitztragic. He completed 18 of 20 passes for 160 yards and two touchdowns, while also rushing for six points. He accounted for 198 yards and three total touchdowns in a game that didn’t need an outstanding performance from the Fins’ starting QB.

Surprise starting running back Myles Gaskin continued to look good as he accounted for 22 carries and 66 yards on the group while hauling five receptions for 29 yards. With the touches Gaskin is seeing on the field, it looks like he is officially RB1 for the Fins’.

Overall the team played a better game and showed an ability to dominate an inferior team that had looked good to start the season. The win will calm the storm of worried fans and media alike, for now.

The Fins will have a few days off before returning to the training center in Davie ahead of their week four game against the Seattle Seahawks (2-0) who play the Dallas Cowboys this Sunday.

Kai’Chien Chisholm is currently studying broadcast media and wants to become sports broadcaster. He currently works for the ProFootballNetwork and is the Podcast Network Director for the site while running his own podcast.