The cows are moo-ving out of Doral

The cows are moving out of Doral and an industrial park will replace their forever home.

They have been on the field located between Northwest 107th Avenue and Northwest 41st Street and are a Doral landmark that residents have lived with for decades. Some are happy to see them go, and some will mourn their passing. 

Bruno Muniz, a city resident, will miss the cows because he knows his 6-year-old son Gabriel will be upset when they leave. Muniz said Gabriel draws the cows and has done a mini book in class about them.

“I love the cows and don’t want them to leave, they need to stay near my house and school,” said Gabriel. 

Bridge Industrial Acquisition, a Chicago-based company, is in the process of purchasing the 175 acres of land. 

Claudia Lemon Cook and Charles Buck Lemon own the “cow lot,” which has been passed down through generations of the Lemon family. 

The owners pay lower property taxes by raising livestock on their land. Today, it generates an estimate of $6,442 in taxes for Doral. The Lemon family is asking more than $300 million for the lot.

Residents have mixed feelings about the plan. Some agree that the land should be developed, while others hope the cows stay. 

Daniel Garcia, who lives in the city and is father to 5-year-old Darian, said he is not happy the cows are leaving because it reminds him of his hometown in Cuba and his son enjoys being around them.

“The cows remind me of where I come from, I was raised a country boy and my son asks me to go and see them,” said Garcia, who sells cars for a living.

On the other hand, Miguel Ponce, 31, who also lives in Doral and works with an architect, said he agrees with the plan to develop the land.

“I agree 100% that they construct on that land, they should make something useful out of it,” said Ponce. “The cows belong in the countryside, like Homestead, not here.”

Sharon Cruz is a senior majoring in journalism at FIU. Her main interests are writing, dancing, traveling, and spending quality time with her loved ones. She aspires to become an entertainment journalist and lawyer.